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  • Blog Post: Our favorite articles: asynchronous programming

    Here's a list of top articles on asynchronous programming from the Visual Studio 2012 documentation on MSDN, as recommended by the documentation writers: Asynchronous programming in C++ (Windows Store apps) Asynchronous programming in JavaScript (Windows Store apps) Stream.WriteAsync Method...
  • Blog Post: Check out Hilo for Windows 8!

    If you’re interested in Windows Store apps with C++ and XAML, check out the work I’m doing with the patterns & practices team on an developer sample called Hilo. Hilo is a basic photo viewing and tagging app that totally re-imagines Hilo for Windows 7 by embracing new form factors and...
  • Blog Post: Async/Await FAQ

    Stephen Toub answers FAQs about the new async and await keywords in C# and Visual Basic.
  • Blog Post: Documentation updates for the PPL (Visual Studio 11 Beta) and Welcome Back to C++

    If you’re interested in the latest developments in the C++ language or parallel programming in C++, check out the resources I recently shared on the Parallel Programming in Native Code blog:
  • Blog Post: Get the Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Training Kit

    The Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview Training Kit includes hands-on labs to help you understand how to take advantage of the variety of enhancements in Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview and the .NET Framework 4.5, how to support and manage the entire application lifecycle, and how to build Windows...
  • Blog Post: Articles about asynchronous programming

    The October issue of MSDN Magazine is a special issue on new C# and Visual Basic features for asynchronous programming. In the words of Eric Lippert: "The next version of C# and Visual Basic will include a form of asynchronous control flow that avoids both the dangers of multithreading and the...
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