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  • Blog Post: Try F#

    Microsoft Research has announced the beta of Try F# . Try F# makes programming in F# 3.0 easy to learn, simple to use, and straightforward to share—all through the browser. Read more about it here . F# 3.0 is ideal for analytical, data-rich, and parallel component development, harnessing the...
  • Blog Post: Series of blog posts introducing functional programming

    Ron Corompt is writing a series of blog posts about functional programming. Part one, Recursion - Where are my for/while loops? , is a discussion about recursion and why loops are rarely used in functional programming. For the documentation of F#, a language that supports functional programming in...
  • Blog Post: Soma blogs about language enhancements in Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview

    Check out this blog post, the first in a series, from S. Somasegar, CVP of Developer Division. Soma discusses JavaScript and interactivity C#, Visual Basic, and asynchrony C++ and parallelism F# and data access
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