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April, 2007

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Welcome to the VSX (Visual Studio Extensibility) Team blog. The VSX Developer Center web site is at http://msdn.com/vsx with the VS SDK download, documentation, news, resources, community references, and more.

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    VS SDK for Orcas Beta 1 (April CTP) is now available

    James Lau posted the details about the new VS SDK for Orcas Beta 1 (April CTP) download that went live online today. In the spirit of getting this new VSX Team blog started, here's a short video post to Soapbox on MSN Video . The video was recorded to...
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    The quest to interview Dr. Ex begins

    As legend has it, Dr. Ex of the VSX team is a resident expert at Microsoft on anything to do with Visual Studio extensibility. No matter if it's about macros, add-ins, packages, etc. using the VS SDK , the mad doctor will attempt to address these issues...
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    Craig Skibo video about his role working on the VSX team

    In this VSX team video, Ken Levy talks to Craig Skibo talks his long history working on the Visual Studio team at Microsoft. Included in the chat is a brief history about the early efforts of creating extensibility for the first version of Visual Studio...
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    Welcome to the VSX Team Blog!

    Welcome to the VSX Team blog. The VSX (Visual Studio Extensibility) team is also known as the Visual Studio Tools Ecosystem team at Microsoft. While many of the VSX team members have their own blog, we wanted to have a team blog for general posts representing...
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