The video A Closer Look at the Visual Studio Shell was posted earlier this week on the site. In this interview, Microsoft group product manager Joe Marini discusses the newly announced Visual Studio 2008 Shell. Also in the video interview is Brian Feldman of GrafX Software, creator of the new Vulcan.NET language that brings Xbase type programming to Visual Studio. Brian talks about how the Visual Studio 2008 Shell will allow developers and businesses to leverage the power of Visual Studio as a platform to build, give away free, or sell their own Visual Studio based tools and languages using the VS SDK.

Also from TechEd 2007, Anthony Cangialosi of the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools Ecosystem team talks to Ken Levy in the video clip below about the VSX community effort, the VSIP program for partners, and the new Visual Studio 2008 Shell.

Video: Anthony Cangialosi talks about VSX and VSIP at TechEd07

In the video clip below, Aaron Marten of the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools Ecosystem team talks very briefly to Ken Levy about the buzz at TechEd 2007 around the new Visual Studio 2008 Shell, in a "nutshell".

Video: Aaron Marten talks about the VS 2008 Shell at TechEd07