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July, 2007

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Welcome to the VSX (Visual Studio Extensibility) Team blog. The VSX Developer Center web site is at http://msdn.com/vsx with the VS SDK download, documentation, news, resources, community references, and more.

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    VSX, in a nutshell

    VSX, a shortcut name for Visual Studio Extensibility, represents the VSX community which is a virtual and growing ecosystem that includes the VS SDK, all aspects of extending VS (packages, add-ins, macros, visualizers), .NET developers who extend VS,...
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    VSX Community Letter for July 2007

    This is the first monthly letter to the VSX community from the VSX (Visual Studio Extensibility) team at Microsoft. In case you are new here to the VSX Team Blog ( http://blogs.msdn.com/vsxteam ), the VSX team is also known as the Visual Studio Tools...
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