The Visual Basic Pack for Visual Studio 2005 SDK download provides the SDK samples converted in the Visual Basic language and a new wizard that is used for generating Visual Basic based integration Packages for Microsoft Visual Studio. This download is an add-on to version 4.0 of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK. While VB support for the VS 2005 SDK is in the form of an independent add-on install, VB support for the upcoming VS 2008 SDK will be included (integrated in along with C++ and C# support). The VB Pack for VS SDK 2005 includes:

Visual Basic Samples
As part of the Visual Studio product development team’s community initiative, the team has converted the samples included in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SDK to the Visual Basic language. The new Visual Basic samples can be accessed from the Visual Studio SDK Browser.

Visual Basic Visual Studio Integration Package Wizard
A new wizard has been added that will assist in generating Visual Basic Integration Packages for Microsoft Visual Studio. The wizard can be accessed by choosing the new project type Visual Basic.