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May, 2008

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Welcome to the VSX (Visual Studio Extensibility) Team blog. The VSX Developer Center web site is at http://msdn.com/vsx with the VS SDK download, documentation, news, resources, community references, and more.

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    VSX Developer Center updated - May 2008

    The VSX Developer Center has been updated as part of a rollout of several developer centers on msdn.com with a new and improved layout and templates. Next week the VSX Forum will be updated with a new UI. Next month the Visual Studio Gallery will be updated...
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    VSX Community Letter for May 2008

    This month's letter includes a summary of what newly released VS SDK beta for the VS 2008 SP1 beta (formally referred to as VS 2008 SDK 1.1 Beta. Also included is information about what the VSX team has been working on in the past month, event news on...
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    VSX Survey (Spring 2008) invitation

    Please take a few minutes and complete the VSX Survey (Spring 2008) to let us know your interests, activities, and feedback on the topic of extending Visual Studio. There are 6 web pages with 23 multiple choice and fill-in-the blank questions in this...
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