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  • Blog Post: Getting ahead of the storm

    For those out there who haven't yet heard, VMWare is experiencing a problem (as of Aug 12) with licensing for ESX and ESXi. You can find out more here: The crux of the issue seems to be that a recent update caused the license to expire, preventing any guest OSs...
  • Blog Post: Configuring the Time Service: Max[Pos/Neg]PhaseCorrection

    In the last few months of the Windows Server 2008 development, a good friend of mine was discussing a problem they have been seeing with customers. The problem, lovingly titled as the "Large Time Jump" issue involves a machine in the domain (usually the PDC) making a large jump in time, either forward...
  • Blog Post: Keeping the Domain On Time

    Windows Time Service on a domain (referred to as 'Domain Synchronization' or 'Domain Sync' for short) is a huge topic. I will do my best to cover all of its aspects in this article, but some concepts won't be covered until a later date, and others still relate directly to the original RFC for NTP. ...
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