I live in a two story rambler sort of house.  I have MSN Broadband at home, and I use a LinkSys wireless router thingy to allow me to get on the internet from anywhere in the house, from 3 or 4 different computers.  In the beginning, I had the broadband hooked up down in the basement, along with the computer that was hooked up to the cable tv line.

Recently, I decided there's really no need to have the wireless access point down in the basement, and it makes it hard to get the signal in the back or front yard anyway.  So, I switched the wireless to be upstairs in my bedroom where my phone is.  Of course that's all fine and dandy, but a recent home office rennovation made me think the proper place for the wireless was in the home office.  It's more centrally located than my bedroom, and that's where the computer with the printer attached is located.  The only problem is, I don't actually have phone line running into the home office room (a converted bedroom).

I'm a handyman, and of course I have a plethora of tools in order to help me solve such situations.  The floor of the bedroom is partially over the garage, and the it must be a simple matter to just drill a hole, and run a little wire up into there.  And look, in the closet there are already a couple of wires running up through the floor that do exactly that.  They are there for the alarm system, and the digital thermostat.

So, I picked a spot that was close to those other holes, and I thought I would just drill one more little hole next to them.  No problem, I'll be done before the dust can settle...

Well, it turns out that the hole that was drilled for the HVAC system was not exactly vertical.  So, the hole that I drilled cut right across the path of the wayward cable.  As I was drilling, I was feeling, “ah, this is so easy”.  Then, I saw some little metal flakes coming out of the hole, and I thought “this can not possibly be good”.  Sure enough, I pulled the drill bit out of the hole, and wrapped all around it were 5 or 6 pieces of bare wire knotted up in some plastic insulation.  What a mess!

I tugged on the wire that was leading to the thermostat, and sure enough, it was completely severed!  Mind you, my house was originally built in the 50s, and it can sometimes be scary to think you have to replace something as esoteric as electrical systems.  But, luckily, the heating system had been upgraded from it's oil furnace some years back, so the wiring was fairly new.  It was only 6:30pm, and luckily the local Loew's hardware store is open until about 8pm I think.  So, I dashed over there, with a small section of the wire in hand.  This wire had 8 leads in it!  That's quite a lot for a heater and air conditioner.  The guys at Loew's thought, 3 ought to be enough, but I thought I should have at least 4 just to be safe.  Most of the wire they had was 3 leads, except the phone wire which had 6.  Well, 6 is better than 3, unless I have to run it twice.

So, I got 50' of the 'phone' wire, and got back home and started to work.  First I pulled the thermostat off the wall, and it turned out that it only used 4 wires.  More than 3, less than 6, so I was safe.  I pulled the wire through the wall, and ran it down through the new hole that I had drilled for the phone cord for my DSL line.  Down through the garage, through the heater, onto the various terminals on the heater, and that part's done.  Then back upstairs, hook up the wires to the thermostat, flick the switch on the heater, cross fingers, hope for the best, and... YES!!  It works.

Now, back to the movement of the DSL line.  It's extremely hard to find flush mounted wall plugs for phones.  But that's what I had in the kitchen, so I pulled that off the wall (I don't have a phone hooked up in the kitchen anyway).  I put that on the wall in the closet, ran the phone cord down through the crooked hole that the thermostat cable used to run down, then into the garage.  Hooked it up to a little phone junction thingy that the alarm is hooked into, and tada!  Back in business.

Now I have the wireless sitting in the closet, with the DSL modem next to it.  I have most excellent wireless internet reception throughout the whole house, without having to buy a booster, and my heating system is back to normal.

Not bad for a few hours' work.  Now I'm going to go play with that new DVD 'archiving' software that I bought at Fry's and see if I can fill up that 160Gb hard disk that I bought.