Between an 'article' and a regular post?  I don't know, so I thought I'd write one and post it and see where the weblog server puts it on my page.

I don't really want to write an article, but if I were to write one, it would be about the pleasures and pitfalls of working collaboratively with different teams within Microsoft.  As you might imagine, in a big company such as ours, there is tremendous leverage to be had by using teams such as MSR, and the developer division, and SQL Server, and on and on.  In some ways, it makes the mind run wild when you have the best programming resources in the world available at your fingertips.

The flip side of having all these very smart people available to grant opinions and 'collaboration' is that they all have their own opinions about the best way to go about doing things.

So, perhaps some day I'll write an article about a particular collaborative experience.