This past weekend, I pushed further ahead with my home office rearrangement project.  Having detreasured the downstairs, and having move my center of computing upstairs, there was just one more thing to move.  I left one of the computers downstairs (the media archiving PC) because that's where the cable was running.  There, and into my bedroom.

I really had no other reason for having the PC down there other than the fact that the cable was available down there.  So, I endeavored to install a cable line into my new office space.  Seeing as how I did so well while installing the phone line, I figured this would be a piece of cake.

Well, I didn't drill a hole through any existing cables this time, but I did have my challenges.  I went to Fry's Electronics because I figured they have everything.  I thought I'd pick up the coax cable, the connectors, and the special crimping tool.  Well, they had the cable, but it was expensive.  They had the connectors, but not the crimping tool.  Ah well, why don't I pick up a DeskStar disk drive while I'm here... Nah, it's a wash.

So, off to the Fremont district to look into some hydroponics equipment.. But, that's another story.

So, I eventually went to the hardware store.  I was able to get 500' of cable for $38, and they had the connectors, and the special crimping tool.  Fry's has dropped in my estimation as the be all end all destination for electronics.  I got the cable, drilled a hole in my garage wall, ran the cable up top, into the hole that I drilled, up into the closet.  Sounds easy yes?  Well, yah, except I initially had the wrong connectors, I cut the cable too short, I didn't have an extension fitting to finish the job, and the computer was downstairs.

Well, today, all is well.  I moved the computer upstairs, I connected the extra length of cable that was needed, and now my archiving PC sits, humming peacefully, in the closet, with it's cable attached.

This is really cool because the way things are setup, I can be busily typing on my computer while Yasmin's using the other one at the same time.  I can easily watch TV while I work if I like (I could already do this with the laptop anyway), and my basement is devoid of computer equipment.

Now that the basement is more open, having stripped the shelves of aging books, and removed the computers, and other various and sundry items, what will I do?

Well, now it's time to get one of those projectors, some nicer movie couches, and beef up the whole entertainment system with large scale noisy speakers and the like.  That, or I'll increase my investment in exercise equipment, adding a rowing machine, and universal weight machine to the bike rollers.  That, or rent the space out to a starving artist.  That, or setup the hydroponics down there and start growing stuff during the non-sunny season.

Who knows.  For now, I have my computing center setup in one place.  I have that room nice and decluttered.  I'm happy as a pig in slop, and I want to write some code.