I didn't actually watch the whole super bowl.  I watched some of the first half, and walked away as soon as the half time show started to make a phone call.  The call lasted through the half time show, and pretty much through the second half, and I got busy doing other things anyway.  Luckily, I taped the whole 5 hours though.

Tonight, I'm actually exercising a whole other aspect of my media explorations.  I'm taking the tape of the super bowl, and saving it digitally.  If I were smart, i would have recorded it digitally in the first place, but I simply didn't think there would be any reason to waste hard disk space on it when it started.

So, I used the video capture capabilities of my ATI All-In_Wonder, and turned the roughly 5 hours into 20Gb of data.  Do you ever wonder how a game that has 4 quartes of 15 minutes apiece could turn into 5 hours of boredom? 

Anyway, using Sonic's “MyDVD”, I'm importing the whole video in to do some editing.  It's a neat program because it will automatically do scene detection, and automatically turn those scenes into chapters for your DVD.  You can take scenes out, add your own scene boundaries, and play them in whatever order you want.

I think I'm going to make 7 main chapters: Pre Game, 1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, Half time, 3rd Quarter, 4th Quarter, Post Game wrapup.  I might pull the half time show out separately and further break it down into its own chapters.  I'm going to remove all the commercials, and create “special features” out of them, eliminating the duplicates and not so special ones.  That should leave me with quite a nice little packaged up super bowl experience.

The one thing I missed was capturing the closed captions.  But, wait a minute, maybe I did capture them, and I just need to turn them on... I'll figure that out.  If I did capture them, then I'll add them to the database.  Of course I can add my own caption information anyway.

So, let's see.  I'm hoping that without commercials, half-time, cutaways to the booth, I might actually end up with 1.5 hours of pure football in all it's glory.

My home machine is not very fast, and this whole process will take quite a few hours.  It will consume a lot of disk space, eat up CPU, and make my machine bleed for speed and want of more memory.  But, I can see this is what a lot of people might be doing with their machines in the future.  With more digital photography than ever, the digital shoe box will beg to have the media futzed with.

Disk drives sales will continue, the march for faster machines will continue, the barrage of DVD/Videography software will continue, and the world will be a better place.

I'm going off the St Thomas to fill up 512Mb of compact flash with my camera.  But that's another story.