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May, 2004

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    Internet Incents Inactivity In Industry

    Right now I'm listening to the local radio station http://www.kuow.org online. I could just as easily be listening to some Brazilian music from half way down the other end of the planet. I only have a lowly DSL connect at 384K download. I could have a...
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    DNA Construction Set

    It's funny how life has a way to throw inspiration our way from the oddest directions. We bought Yasmin a ton of computer gear recently because: a) It was her birthday, b) she had a science project to complete, c) I want her to grow up to be as geeky...
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    Little Legs Like Little Eggs

    Say that a few times fast, and you begin to understand the fun you can have with a 9 year old with just 5 words of English. So, build vs buy. Recently I decided to build a PC for Yasmin. I had purchased her one a few years back. It was from a British...
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