Right now I'm listening to the local radio station http://www.kuow.org online.  I could just as easily be listening to some Brazilian music from half way down the other end of the planet.  I only have a lowly DSL connect at 384K download.  I could have a high speed cable internet connection at 3Mb, but hay, the current speed is just fine for listening to voice, and even music, over the internet.

Why would I ever buy another radio receiver in my life?  The last one I bought, a nice Denon amplifier with the radio receiver built in, seems quaint.  I probably never listened to the radio receiver part anyway.  Now, I'll never even bother to fire up that side of the 'receiver'.  So, Denon, you might as well stop including that part of the receiver, and lower the price.  As a matter of fact, you might as well cut receivers out of the loop completely because I can get it from the internet now.

I'm on the verge of getting my videos that way as well.  Comcast digital cable/internet, offers video on demand.  I can watch whatever I want, whenever I want, almost.  No more wasting time with DVDs, NetFlix, BlockBuster, nothing.  I'll just get it all over the internet.

Oh, and QWest communications?  I'll be getting my phone calls through VOIP with my Comcast connection as well.  So, you might as well just take down those phone lines and get rid of all those employees manning those empty buildings, because I won't be needing you anymore.

And, Fry's Electronics, as much as you've been a part of my geek upbringing, I'm now getting my stuff through J&R Electronics, because they offer two day delivery, with no taxes, and they have everything in stock, at lower prices.  So, roll on back with your unknowledgeable sales people, take away your mega stores, and turn those parking lots into nice parks will yah?

The internet is an industry killer!  Whole towns will begin to shut down as the internaut's all consuming economic wrecking tentacles squeeze every last ounce of efficiency out of those little fiber optic wires running all over the planet.

It has been sneaking up on us slowly, but I see it for what it is now.  The internet causes inactivity in otherwise thriving sectors of our world economy.  Well, of course there's Vonage, and they're making money, and they're a new business, and there's the coffers of UPS and FedEx which will be ever expanding.  And who knows how many J&R Electronics distributers will sprout up to claim the mantle of best internet electronics retailer.  And don't even get me started about what's going to happen to the music recording industry.

Yes, the internet killed the radio star, but in it's place, there is emerging a new constellation of opportunities and possibilities.