This was the headline on an article I read at “The Register”.  It's funny how the mind works.  My first thought after I read that was, “hay, Anand Tech probably has the new buyers guide for the mid-range system of the month online now”!  Are those geek thoughts or what.  So, I immediately went on over to Anand Tech, and sure enough, the new mid-range system buying guide was just released!

These guides are great, for those of us who are interested in building the occasional system just to show that we can.  Why, I'm happily typing on the little Shuttle system I built a couple months back.  Feels good to hear the gentle pur and hum of the tiny titan of a machine that I built with my very own hands.

Now, I'm going for something a bit bigger.  I'm back at the “Ultimate Media Server” project.  The idea being, I have all my CDs, DVDs, JPEG images, and the like stored on one machine in my house.  I want to get at that data from multiple 'clients' and do various interesting things with it.  Surely this is something I'm doing to understand the user experience around dealing with terabytes of personal data, and how I can change the programmer's experience based on that...  Well, alright, really it's just because I like to think that although my hair is beginning to recede, my knowledge of low down high tech is not going with it.  Was that a bit, and byte, or a buzzword?

At any rate, this weekend is father's day.  I'm going to browse AnandTech, figure out the ultimate AMD64 system that I want to build, and then give Yasmin the money to 'buy' me said machine so we can do some father daughter bonding to build the beast and play with it.  Ah yes, fatherhood is bliss, and once I build the machine, I'll share the experience.