If you're a software developer, IT hero, a student interested in code, or a human interested in code, Boise Code Camp, March 8th (Saturday) 2008, is a full day of FREE training & swag!

I'll be giving a talk on building gadgets for Windows Sidebar, with focus on what your business/IT org might be able to get out of the platform. (And maybe I'll get my Silverlight PerformancePoint bulletgraph example working...)

The conference will also be a mini-MIX of sorts, as Jason

Mauer and "The Code Trip" bus will be swinging through Boise in the afternoon to deliver a few hours of the latest word from MIX '08.

Did I mention the free food & Rock Band after-party?

Please register (so they can get accurate headcount and send you updates) at Boise Code Camp 2008.

March 5 2008: Change of plans.. my family needed me last week, so I gave my presentation slot to someone on the waiting list. I'll show you the gadget platform at a Boise .NET Developer Group meeting soon enough. I'll still be attending though, now in more of a recruiting capacity than a presenting one.

(As I understand it, 2 spots remain on the Microsoft Boise team, down from 4 last week, and 9 at one point! Get ye to the careers site!)