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Code Eater (Wael A. Kabli)

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November, 2006

  • Code Eater (Wael A. Kabli)

    Why Develop on Wss 3.0 and MOSS?

    Many people were asking me this question and i came across somthing that might help on that : Why Develop on Windows SharePoint Services? Web Parts We put a modular user interface into every SharePoint site, and it uses the full power of...
  • Code Eater (Wael A. Kabli)

    Gadgets Every Developer Need

    Ok!! this is getting really strange :) Windows Vista will be with everybody,, people will try to get it by all means,,, So what do i recommend iws Go and personalize your Vista! i really recommend some gadgets to be installed in your...
  • Code Eater (Wael A. Kabli)

    Saudis Meeting BillG

    Wow that was a nice event were we had a chance to have a chat and PICs with Bill Gates last week, It was an exciting event, full of promising yet very competitive. Here is a nice PIC: Right to left: Down: Dr.khaled Al-Daher (MS Arabia General...
  • Code Eater (Wael A. Kabli)


    I couldn't belive that i'll be really blogging on MSDN!! i was blogging since long time on then i decided to separate the tech blog from the personal one...
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