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Code Eater (Wael A. Kabli)

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June, 2007

  • Code Eater (Wael A. Kabli)

    Want to play with Moss on the Internet?

    Did you wonder before how much can you customize MOSS and WSS? Or you are looking for a place that will provide themes master pages and web parts. Now there is nice community site that will gather all MOSS and WSS developers, share your ideas, templates...
  • Code Eater (Wael A. Kabli)

    [Series on customizations] Have Fun with Web Parts 1

    Objectives: To demonstrate deferent level of Web Parts Customizations. The level will be: Web Parts customization through browsers Web Parts customization through Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2007 (SPD or SP Designer) Web Parts customization...
  • Code Eater (Wael A. Kabli)

    An Apology

    Salam All, I want to apologize on not blogging to frequent, that's why I really recommend RSS instead of checking by yourself from time to time,,, The reason for me not blogging to often is, I work as consultant and my work is an engagement based...
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