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Code Eater (Wael A. Kabli)

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August, 2007

  • Code Eater (Wael A. Kabli)

    Smart Pal, Like no better Pal you can get !!

    look at this interesting link: 1st Place Winner in Saudi: Project SmartPal SmartPal is designed to work as an advanced artificial intelligent teacher that acquires information in any field via multiple sources...
  • Code Eater (Wael A. Kabli)

    Back to Action

    Salam All, Thanks for waiting for me to respond to your comments and requests,, i was in a vacation and i just came back i had a lot of requests and comments to be answered,, i'll do it soon,,, just bare with me,, :D
  • Code Eater (Wael A. Kabli)

    PostCards For MyBlog Buddies :D

    Hey All, just wanted to say hi from Redmond - Sealttle, wa these are post cards i got from the Visitor Center @ Microsoft,, if you go there you'll find all new Tech. than MS is working on,,, (and yes you can touch the surface with your bare...
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