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  • Blog Post: The designer-developer problem

    As fun we like to joke about the designers-developers problem as for everyone of us has his own story for a designer or a developer who cannot understand what he is saying. Here are some funny translations from the video below
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Devs & Admins standing proud! Special thanks to Saudi.

    SharePoint Devs & Admins standing proud today. Why? because these are the people who are developing and supporting over 65,000 customers worldwide, including 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies. We came a long way through many SharePoint(s) in the past. Today, SharePoint 2010 has been sold over...
  • Blog Post: Do you like Microsoft Developers? its time to payback :D

    Do you like Microsoft Developers? its time to payback :D if you are frustrated from microsoft developers :D,,, this is classic vedio on the dealing with customer pain,
  • Blog Post: want to have fun? take a break and write some code for fun :D

    ok, i get it now, you are here either to tell me how geek am i or simply we are in the same ship :D,,, anyways coding is fun no matter who says what,, When i take a break, either i wirte code, watch sombody writing code or maybe reading about writing code ,,, now there is a section in Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: Code Review somtimes fun :D

    once I was looking into someone's code to solve an issue,, I don't know if i am violating copyright policies, but this is hilarious,,, I saw this peace of code: IF ( X != 5 ) { //absolutely nothing here :D } else { //his actual code :D } Either the guy is genius...
  • Blog Post: Gadgets Every Developer Need

    Ok!! this is getting really strange :) Windows Vista will be with everybody,, people will try to get it by all means,,, So what do i recommend iws Go and personalize your Vista! i really recommend some gadgets to be installed in your sidebar ;) First of all to find the Gadgets...
  • Blog Post: WoHo!!

    I couldn't belive that i'll be really blogging on MSDN!! i was blogging since long time on then i decided to separate the tech blog from the personal one...
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