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  • Blog Post: SharePoint Devs & Admins standing proud! Special thanks to Saudi.

    SharePoint Devs & Admins standing proud today. Why? because these are the people who are developing and supporting over 65,000 customers worldwide, including 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies. We came a long way through many SharePoint(s) in the past. Today, SharePoint 2010 has been sold over...
  • Blog Post: مخيم ويندوز فون لمطورين الهواتف الذكية في السعودية

    أتوقع نجاح باهر لتجمع مطورين الهواتف الذكية ! مايكروسوفت تقيم مخيم لل تطوير ويندوز فون7 ل لهواتف الذية. الجهاز جديد ولكنه واعد. وأود أن أرى مجتمع التطوير السعودي والعربي الغني ي شكل مكانا بين المطورين العالميين . سيقام المخيم في 6 أكتوبر في مدينة الخبر و 13 في الرياض و جدة في 23 . ه>ا رابط التسجيل...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone Camp in Saudi

    Wow what a great event! Microsoft will be helding a camp for windows phone 7 development. The device is young but promising. I would like to see a rich Saudi community forming up. October in Khobar, 13th in Riyadh and 23rd in Jeddah. Here is the event link:
  • Blog Post: Not only Windows! In Saudi, We are all Open Doors

    On November the 2nd 2010, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO is going to visit what will be in the near future one of the worldwide knowledge and economical hubs in the world (Saudi Arabia) as he speaks about the new world of business and how Microsoft is continually striving to change the world through innovations...
  • Blog Post: IT People in Middle East? its time to have some fun

    “You surely have seen it on TV - some people really think that sitting on a boring island and blogging about clouds going by is “the best job in the world” (not to mention the risk of being bitten by a jelly fish). Here at Microsoft however, we are absolutely sure that IT is the best job in the world...
  • Blog Post: Upgrade planning for SharePoint 2010 for IT Pros, Architects and Developers

    so just before going to the session I've decided to post the slides online so people would have access t it as soon as possible. Here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation (pptx 32.6 MB or PDF 2.3 MB)
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