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  • Blog Post: Too many postbacks in your InfoPath form?

    if your form is suffering from too many postbacks and you want to know why or how to eliminate them,,, here is a link that will help in this,,
  • Blog Post: Business Process Automation, a story to tell

    eFroms solution Components The eForms solution is a result of collaborating the following components all together: · Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Infrastructure. · Form Site (Portal) : a SharePoint Site that hosts the whole solution and enabling this kind of integration. · Email : a mail services...
  • Blog Post: Attachments in InfoPath Form that is a Task Workflow

    Woho, here is a nice one :), one of the small things that gets you sometimes bang your head for long long time till you find out what's the problem... Symptoms: So if you are having a workflow that uses InfoPath forms for tasks and you have attachment controls in it, then you probably faced this error...
  • Blog Post: [InfoPath] limiting a repeating field and setting Maximum Occurrence

    Problem: Sometimes in InfoPath 2007 you need a way to limit a repeating field and putting for it Max limit… This is a usual scenario, for example you are designing a form that will allow the user to add family members,,, Now there is nothing limiting the user from keeping adding members!...
  • Blog Post: [InfoPath] How to modify the XSN file and the inside xml..

    Introduction: InfoPath is an XML based document that is saved in XSN format,,,, The XSN is actually noting but a .Cab file (cabinet). Try renaming any XSN file to .Cab and click on it,, You will find all files that actually consist an InfoPath file,,, Problem: Sometimes you need to modify...
  • Blog Post: [InfoPath] How to filter data on IP web enabled

    One of the famous pitfalls in InfoPath 2007 is thinking that it doesn't have the ability to filter while on web or incase of having web-enabled forms. The few coming line will explain this issue and why many fall into this confusion… Scenario: if you enabled web compatibility in IP 2007 and try to...
  • Blog Post: Start Learning Workflows!!

    Wow such an exciting topic to learn!! its nice and fun yet its a bit difficult to grasp easily,,, Workflow Concepts: Developer Introduction to Workflows for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and SharePoint Server 2007 Hands On Practise...
  • Blog Post: Cool webcast on connecting IP with AD

    I would love to share with you all this nice webcast about connecting to AD and populate InfoPath 2007 forms. Unfortunately, this is not enabled OOB… although it is a very usual scenario,,,,
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