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    Ask users for Feedback

    One of the out-of-the-box mechanisms that's available in Windows Store Apps, is the " Rate & Review " option given to app users to send their feedback to the app publishers, and to other prospect users too. Unfortunately a small percentage of those...
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    GridView & Multiple Item Templates

    Ever wondered how to have a GridView with multiple layouts/sizes for its items. I see some apps using the Windows 8 Grid project template, and never change how items would look, which might give a sense of boredom of having the same even square look...
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    Grab the 8.1 RTM Windows

    Yesterday,Steve Guggs announced ( through his blog ) the availability of Windows 8.1 RTM on MSDN and Technet. In the same blog post he announced the availability of Visual Studio 2013 RC and Windows Server 2012 R2 RTM too. Read all the details please...
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