I regularly check the forums to get an understanding what’s going on in the community and what’s troubling our customers. Based on my findings I created some videos including the corresponding source code which I’m releasing over the next couple of days and subsequently when things come up (and there is a lot out there :-))

This short video shows how to exchange data between two forms of a Windows Forms application. You'll see how to use
1.) a public method and
2.) a public property to exchange data.

How do I exchange data between two forms of a Windows Forms application?

How Do I Video
The corresponding How-Do-I video can be found here.

Source Code
Visual Basic | C#

Additional Resources
Access Modifiers in Visual Basic
Access Modifiers in C#
Property Usage Guidelines

The examples were created using Visual Basic 2008 Express/Visual C# 2008 Express but do also apply to earlier versions of Visual Studio. Even though this concept is demonstrated in Windows Forms the same pattern can be used in WPF.