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  • Blog Post: Learning Azure Service Management REST API through Powershell, and Azure CLI tools

    Azure Service Management REST API is used by all the public tools provided by Microsoft to manage your Azure Subscription – Portal, New Portal, Powershell, X-Plat CLI. You can use the same APIs to build your own tools that would manage your Azure Subscription. Sometimes, it is little difficult to bring...
  • Blog Post: How to Copy files to/from Azure Storage

    If you are looking for a reliable way to copy files to or from Azure storage then this blog post might just have the right answer. Note: In this post I am not writing anything new but merely pointing to posts or tools that already exists. Copying VHDs (Blobs) between Storage Accounts using Azure...
  • Blog Post: Azure PowerShell 0.6.13

    Azure PowerShell 0.6.13 released with substantial change to Support IaaS General Availability Download Link: PowerShell ( Github ) 2013.04.16 Version 0.6.13 Completely fixed issues with first website creation on a new account. Now you can use PowerShell with a new account directly without...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure PowerShell – Storage Commands

    In this Blog we will walk through few PowerShell commands to work with Windows Azure Storage. (Last Update: 04/12/2013) List of all Windows Azure Subscriptions – Find Default in case Multiple subscription Code Snippet: { Write-Host "Selection: Show Me List of Windows Azure Subscriptions...
  • Blog Post: New blob storage cmdlets in Azure PowerShell 0.6.12

    Azure PowerShell 0.6.12 released last week and includes new cmdlets to work with blobs in general, not just VHD files. To install, go to, click Downloads at the top, then click Windows Azure PowerShell under Command Line Tools at the bottom – or just click this link:
  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting REST API based connectivity issues with Windows Azure Management Portal

    Recently I worked on an issue where the customer was trying to create a Service Bus using Python code, however the creation of Service Bus was failing with the following error. "The server encountered an internal error. Please retry the request" Because Python was using REST API and the communication...
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