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  • Blog Post: Windows Azure technical support for MSDN, TechNet or MPN Users and Partners

    When you purchase a MSDN, TechNet or MPN subscription, you are entitled for submitting technical support incidents. You can use those for creating Windows Azure technical incidents. Below is the summary of subscription name, levels and technical support incidents you are entitled to with a subscription...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure support - How it works and how to receive help

    Windows Azure is a great new family of cloud based services and features offered by Microsoft. As new innovations are made in the technology field, users may need help to- learn, understand different offerings and receive support to solve specific issues. The purpose of this post is to present you...
  • Blog Post: Minor Update to Windows Azure SDK – 1.8.1 February 2013

    Yesterday I while updating my machine I noticed that Windows Azure SDK for .NET been updated. The latest version is (v1.8.1) February 2013 edition.    -------------------- Abhishek Anand Support Escalation Engineer Windows Azure Technical Support
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure PowerShell - Script for basic PaaS and IaaS Operations

    We assume that you have already set up your PowerShell for Windows Azure based on our previous Blog Post: Windows Azure PowerShell – Getting Started . In this blog we will be providing a Menu Based PowerShell Script to perform basic Cloud operation on Windows Azure. Before we dive into the details...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Features and Technical Support Options

    [Disclaimer: This is not an official document regarding Windows Azure Support Structure.] Last Updated: April 18, 2013 (Revision 2.0) The following addresses some of the confusion that has been raised after a recent change in technical support for Windows Azure and SQL Database along with any supporting...
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