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  • Blog Post: Viewing Process Information for Microsoft Azure Web Sites.

    Hello, I’m Finbar Ryan and I am a Senior Escalation Engineer in Microsoft Support. I help customers resolve issues on the Microsoft Web Stack which includes Azure WebSites. I’m interested in troubleshooting, helping customers, and the world of Open Source Software. Today, I’d like to talk to you about...
  • Blog Post: Get the local server time for your Azure Website

    All Azure Website server times are set to UTC. Therefore, if you execute the following line of C# code on an Azure Website, you will not get the local time. Label .Text = DateTime.Now.ToString(); You might have a need to get the date and time in local terms to support your application. This can...
  • Blog Post: Great Azure Web Sites Articles in MSDN Magazine

    As a follow-up to our recent post featuring the MSDN Magazine on scaling Azure Web Sites, here are some additional articles recently made available that can help you as you develop and deploy your application in Azure Web Sites. Architect for the Cloud Using Azure Web Sites Sometimes bad things happen...
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