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  • Blog Post: Great Azure Web Sites Articles in MSDN Magazine

    As a follow-up to our recent post featuring the MSDN Magazine on scaling Azure Web Sites, here are some additional articles recently made available that can help you as you develop and deploy your application in Azure Web Sites. Architect for the Cloud Using Azure Web Sites Sometimes bad things happen...
  • Blog Post: Scaling Your Web Application with Azure Web Sites

    Yochay Kiriaty, one of our program managers in Azure Web Sites, recently wrote an excellent article for MSDN Magazine that outlines how to design, implement and configure applications for scaling in the cloud. If you are hosting an application in Azure Web Sites (or if you plan to at some point in the...
  • Blog Post: Troubleshooting PHP Performance in Microsoft Azure Web Sites with Xdebug

    Slow application performance issues tend to be challenging to troubleshoot regardless of the platform in which your application is running. This is due in great part to the sometimes random nature of these issues. These types of issues also often do not result in a specific error being logged. If...
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