Two of my coworkers, including our dev manager, got up at 3 AM Saturday morning to audition for The Apprentice, the hit NBC show that's a smash hit in my group.

They even made it into the local newspaper:

Robert Parker and Amit Kumar, software developers at Microsoft, said they stumbled onto the show one night when they were working late. They sat down in a conference room to share a pizza, flipped the channel to ``The Apprentice'' and were instantly hooked.

Now, they said, about 20 people pile into the conference room to watch the show every Thursday night at 9.

``You can find little nuggets that resonate at work,'' Parker said, ``sort of like `Dilbert' resonates with so many people in the valley. People afterward will phone you and ask what you think.''

Cool, eh?

As for the show itself, my money's on Troy.