VS 2008 SP1 is shipped and is available for public download NOW!


The WCF tools team from China is proud to introduce the new features we delivered in VS2008 SP1!


à  Enhancements for WCF Test Client:


n  Support XML Serializer, Message Contract, Dictionary and Nullable<T> types


n  Support WCF Session


n  Support standalone mode, and enable connecting and testing services from third-party


n  Support client-side configuration file customization


à  WCF Service Publishing, which allows publishing of services to Local IIS, File System, FTP site or Remote site directly from the WCF Service Library projects.     



In addition, we also did several small enhancements that directly reflect our customers’ feedback.

Such as: We provide a way for you to control whether or not to automatically launch WCF Service Host for a WCF service project when debugging another project in the same solution.



Want to use these tools to build you WCF service application? You can find VS 2008 SP1 here.