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May, 2009

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    Right Corner: WiX Heat, Left Corner: Thousands of Files


    Cross posted from Brian Rogers: Removing complexity slowly.

    With the Windows Installer XML Toolset (WiX) v3.0 on the verge of hitting production more and more people are starting to take a look at it and see what new, cool tools we have. One, of many, new ones is Heat.exe. This tool is the replacement (in many ways) to tallow.exe from the previous release. The tool had a complete rewrite and is able to offer some great new functionality.

    As with every new tool, once someone gets a hold of it they want it to do more. In the case I don’t disagree with them.

    • Was Heat designed to help automate the creation of WiX source? Yes.
    • Was the intention to have Heat gather thousands of files quickly for Setup authors? Yes.
    • Is Heat ready to be placed into an automated build system and generate patch compliant MSI packages? No.
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