If you are having trouble with installing, uninstalling or reinstalling Silverlight on your Windows 8 machine, then these steps will likely to help you to perform a clean uninstall of Silverlight from your Windows 8 machine:

Steps to manually clean up a broken Silverlight installation in Windows 8:

  • Download Fixit20104 msi from here:
  • Close all your Browsers and Communicator/Lync windows. If  they are running, you will get following message to close them:


  • Agree to the terms and conditions and click Next.
  • Fixit will create a restore point should it needs to rollback itself:


  • Silverlight removal is automatic. Once done, just Close the final window:



The above steps ensure complete removal of Silverlight. Now just browse to any Silverlight App and a fresh new runtime will be installed for you automatically. Alternatively,  you can reinstall Silverlight by clicking here