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This blog covers Messaging API development for Exchange and Outlook. My name is Daniel Bagley, I'm on the Messaging Developer Team.

May, 2008

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About WebDAV 101

This blog covers messaging development for Exchange and Outlook.  I'm in the group which does support for messaging APIs.  I don't have much time to blog, however I add what I can.

If your new to messaging development then refer to this drill-down overview on messaging APIs:

About: Messaging APIs

  • Dan's WebDAV 101

    Call Dispose on client when calling COM+ objects.

    Dispose MUST be called from the client and not from the serviced component... There is a requirement for clients of COM+ Serviced Components to call dispose on the component. If you do not do this, it will not shut down. When you inherit from servicedcomponent...
  • Dan's WebDAV 101

    Why is OOM code leaking items????

    When you use OOM under .NET, your using managed code around COM objects via the Outlook Primary Interop Assembly (PIA). When you have managed code working with COM in this way, you have to be very careful to clean-up your references. .NET will hold onto...
  • Dan's WebDAV 101

    CDOSYS breaks after removing Outlook Express.

    Yep, that will do it. There is a relationship between CDOSYS and Outlook Express. So, you should not remove Outlook Express if you ever expect to use CDOSYS or have anything which uses CDOSYS work properly. Some people get very ambitious about security...
  • Dan's WebDAV 101

    Howto: CDOSYS/C# Sending an ICS file

    Todo: 1) Open an appointment in Outlook. Save to file as an .ICS file. 2) Create a C# project and add the code below. 3) Do the TODO sections. 'TODO: Add a refernce to CDOSYS using System.IO; private void btnSendUsingIcs_Click(object sender, System...
  • Dan's WebDAV 101

    HOWTO: VB/CDO 1.21 - Cancel a Recurring Meeting using a single Recurrance

    ' This code finds an meeting occurance and uses it to cancel the entire meeting series and ' have "Cancelled:" in front of the subject lines on the update messages sent to the recipient(s). ' To use: ' Create a recurring meeting inside the date/time range...
  • Dan's WebDAV 101

    Whats not supported with WebDAV?

    Ahhh thats a big one... What is supported: • Non-recurring appointments • Contacts in Microsoft Outlook that you create or modify • Folders that you create in Outlook and in Exchange 2000 Server or Exchange Server 2003 • E-mail messages that you create...
  • Dan's WebDAV 101

    Exchange Protocol Documentation

    Microsoft released preliminary protocol documentation for Exchange 2007 (as well as Microsoft Office 2007 and SharePoint Server) as part of Microsoft's Interoperability Principles. The Exchange protocols are now publicly available on the Open Protocol...
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