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This blog covers Messaging API development for Exchange and Outlook. My name is Daniel Bagley, I'm on the Messaging Developer Team.

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  • Blog Post: mailto - limitations and paths forward

    The mailto tag used in html content is used to load the default mapi client (email client) on the user's box when its link is clicked and have it display a window for sending email. The mailto link can contain basic information such as who the message, subject, etc. There are however some limitations...
  • Blog Post: Howto: Read Attachments - Webdav: System.Net.HttpWebRequest vs System.Net.WebClient

    I’ve run into issues with using a GET to read large attachments using HttpWebRequest. Because of this, I use System.Net.WebClient instead. Big attachments will have an error thrown back with HttpWebRequest, however it’s possible to GET the smaller ones. So, since System.Net.WebClient seems to work just...
  • Blog Post: Howto Add an Attachment with Webdav

    There is no mechanism to add an attachment in WebDAV. You will need to create/recreate the item using a WebDAV PUT. The text you would be putting would be the mime of the item, which also contains the attachment. It’s useful here to use CDOSYS to create a message and add an attachment – then extract...
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