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This blog covers Messaging API development for Exchange and Outlook. My name is Daniel Bagley, I'm on the Messaging Developer Team.

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  • Blog Post: How to tell which authentication protocols can be used with WebDAV.

    When you do an anonymous POST to the “exchange” virtual folder, you will get back a response which will tell you about which authentication protocols are supported. Each “WWW-Authenticate:” header in the response tells you which type of authentication method is supported. If you...
  • Blog Post: New to Exchange ActiveSync Development?

    One area I do developer support for is EAS development with those who have an EAS client development license and have a specific support agreement in their Premier contract for EAS developer support - these are needed to get any EAS developer support from Microsoft. Developers who do not have these should...
  • Blog Post: Use Exchange PowerShell to get statistical information for Exchange Server ActiveSync

    Background: To get information on EAS activity on an Exchange server, you will need to call Exchange PowerShell cmdlets. PowerShell is used for doing administrative work against Exchange. Each administrative task is done through an Exchange cmllet (command-let). Exchange PowerShell cmdlets can be...
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