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This blog covers Messaging API development for Exchange and Outlook. My name is Daniel Bagley, I'm on the Messaging Developer Team.

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  • Blog Post: Is it possible to verify the password or decrypt of a the password of a PST file?

    There is no API which allows the specification of a PST password for verification or logging-in. The password in the MapiLogonEx function exists for back-wards compatibility in with existing mapi code. The password was used when accessing older email system (MS Mail, etc) and is not used when accessing...
  • Blog Post: Using ISAPI Extensions to change-out OWA Credential is not supported

    Single sign-on applications usually use an ISAPI Extension on Exchange servers in order to swap-out credentials being passed to OWA. This type of manipulation is not supported by Microsoft. In fact any thing which augments the behavior in this way is not supported. While such filters/extensions may have...
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