DHTML Editing Control and IE7+

DHTML Editing Control and IE7+

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The webdevtools team has historically owned a control that shipped with IE5.5 and above.  This control is the DHTML Editing Control.  In order to improve security in IE7+, we took a hard look at this control and decided to remove it from Vista and IE7+.  A post I made yesterday on the IE blog talks about this in detail.  Please read it at http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2006/06/27/648850.aspx and let us know if you have any questions about this change.  In particular I'd like to hear if you have an app that relies on this control and discuss your migration path with you.


-- Bash

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  • It's very bad news for me.......So as I used this control for online web site managament.
  • We reference the dhtml edit control for IE5   throughout our VB6 applications, your posting states you were releasing a separate install of the DHTML Editing Control For Applications. Is this what I need to get my apps running in Vista? Where do I get it? Recomendations?
  • Hello Fedor,

    I would recommend taking a look at www.freetextbox.com.  It provides a pretty good alternative to this control and hopefully you can integrate it in pretty easily.
  • If you remove dhtmled.ocx from Vista/IE7, will the functions of mshtml.dll (contenteditable=true) be available under Vista/IE7?
  • Hi, I am coverting VC++ Windows application to Vista. We use DHTMLSafe control in our code. I try to change it to DHTMLEdit because DHTMLEdit implements all of DHTMLSafe methods and events, and we are not web application. We thought it would work, but it did not. I want to know why and want to find a way to make it work. I have a piece of code as following: GetObjectFromWebBrowser(IWebBrowser* pWebBrowser, IDispatch** pDispatch) { CComPtr spDispatch; pWebBrowser->get_Document(&spDispatch); CComQIPtr spDocument(spDispatch); CComPtr spElement; hr = spDocument->getElementById(T2OLE( "DHTMLEdit1" ), &spElement); CComQIPtr spObject(spElement); spObject->get_object(pDispatch); ... } "DHTMLEdit1" was defined in xxxx.htm like that: CLASSID="clsid:2D360201-FFF5-11d1-8D03-00A0C959BC0A" ID="DHTMLEdit1" ... The code works fine on XP and 2000. To replace DHTMLSafe with DHTMLEdit, I changed clsid to 2D360200-FFF5-11d1-8D03-00A0C959BC0A. I run it on 2000, the last sentence spObject->get_object(pDispatch) got E_ACCESSDENIED error. Did I do anything wrong? Why can't I use DHTMEdit control here? Jian
  • Hello Jain,

    You can use the DHTML Editing Control for Applications redistributable we are providing for running your application on Vista:


  • It does not help. On Vista, get_object(pDispatch) returns S_OK, but *pDispatch = 0.

  • We use the control in our CMS and we have dozens of clients!! Instead of removing it - you should tought of how to increase it's securoty and make it safe.

  • Hello Alex,

    Thank you for the feedback. I was definately not an easy decision for the removal of this control from Vista.  The more detailed reasoning for its removal is provided on the following blog post on the IE blog:


    One goal we had was to announce this change more than six months in advance to Vista's general availability in order to give an opportunity for dependant applications to address the change.

    There are several strategies on how to update an applicaiton to deal with this change.  If you are interesting in consulting with our team about them, please contact me at omark-at-microsoft-dot-com.  Thanks.


  • What about us poor sappy end-users who have a third party app with no control over the code?  I have downloaded the DHTML control for Vista listed above and I too have had no luck with it.  I understand why you removed the control but make a working one EASILY available to us network admins who need to supprot our users instantly.  If we are willing to install it and potentially open a hole then shame on us if anything happens.

  • It is interesting. I have down loaded the "Fix" and my application. Webmail for Exchange and I still can not reply to any e-mail thru it.

    ANy help would be GREAT!


    Fustrated New Vista User in AZ

  • From my researching, the MS fix available only helps with Application, not the browser.   That means OWA2003 and you won't be able to write in many online forums. I'm looking for an alternative browser. Firefox does not work as it relies on Windows componenet.

  • It is true that the downloadable component only helps with client applications and not browser based ones.  We took a conscious decision to do this and it was not an easy decision - the reason for doing this was to make Vista more secure by default.  

    As far as OWA is concerned, there's a hotfix available that allows you to run OWA on Vista without relying on the DHTML control.  Details are at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/911829.

    If there are other online forums that are currently relying on the control and no longer work with Vista, please let us know and we'll work with them on alternative solutions.


    -- Bash

  • While I appreciate the difficulty of your decision to break my web-based database application, which relies on the dhtml contol to allow users to enter rich text in a suite of 23 Lotus Domino databases, I would appreciate even more some help on a reasonable substitute.


  • For entering rich text in a web application, you have substitutes such as:

    1. Native support for editing in IE via <div contenteditable="true" style="width: 500px; height: 500px"></div>

    2. FreeTextBox - available via http://www.freetextbox.com

    3. Other free 3rd party web editors

    Hope that helps.  Let us know if you need more information.

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