Cannot Create A New Website?

Cannot Create A New Website?

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Over the last few months, I've seen a number of forum posts from people saying that when they choose "Create New Website", the dialog box that showed them the different types of websites they could create was completely horked.  For example, instead of showing this:

it would instead show this:

Often when we see bugs like this, it's very frustrating for us as testers, and even as a product group.  We know the bug exists.  You tell us it's there, you show us screen shots and everything, but not matter what we do, we are unable to repro the bug in house. 

Well, I can say we have successfully tamed this bug.  It appears that this dialog gets screwed up by some third party registry cleaning tools. I was able to verify this by installing a clean copy of VS2005 on a clean Windows XP machine, and then running the registry cleaning tool.  After accepting the changes, things went down hill.  My copy of VS did exactly what people had been describing. 

The question is how do you fix it.  So far, the only way we've found is to uninstall the web development components of Visual Studio and then reinstall them. 

I'll work to see if I can find a better solution than reinstalling, but in the mean time, don't clean your registry.  I'll also try to work with the third party registry tools to find out how to fix this problem.


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  • [Cross posted to WebDevTools blog]
    Over the last few months, I've seen a number of forum posts from...
  • Hello Pete as mentioned on your blog if I had known that you were seriously looking to what causes this I would have saved you some headaches. I blogged about this on 9th March 2006 :-p,guid,3e783804-1b65-42a1-847a-10c16b57284a.aspx
  • It almost sounds like you are taking the blame for your program breaking after someone plays with the registry.

    I've always know playing with the registry is like playing with fire and I rarely trust a program to do it for me. Did you get angry when you realized all that time wasted was due to another program not affiliated with your product? I would have been busting free milk bottles open for hours afterwards...
  • thanks, that helped
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