DHTML Editing Control for Windows Vista

DHTML Editing Control for Windows Vista

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WebDevTools is the owner of the DHTML Editing Control; a COM control which can be used in applications or web pages for WYSIWYG HTML editing and which is shipped as part of the Windows operating system.  After a long run (nine years, since IE 4.5) this control will not be shipped as part of Windows Vista.

There are two flavors of the control; a safe-for-scripting version used on web pages and an ordinary control used in applications.  While the safe-for-scripting control and Windows Vista will never cross paths, we've released an installer for a version of the DHTML Editing Control for Application for Windows Vista, which is now available here.  Be sure to check out the white paper listed in the Related Resources section; it contains a lot of information.

If the white paper doesn't answer your questions, try my blog for additional information and support.

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  • Does the DHTML control install work for others it seems not to work.

  • Is there any word on a fix for Project Web Access' Status reports (2003) or for WSS2.0's Content Editor webpart?  I believe there's a fix for OWA 2003 but I haven't found anything on these other two.

    When was the decision made to remove this control?  Did these groups not get on the ball in time (2005/2006?) ?

    Well, whatever.  Just looking for a resolution now.

  • BTW - Tracy, for whatever it's worth.  I tried using the DHTML control download referred to here before reading enough to understand that it's not intended to work for Internet Explorer.  At least, that's how I read it now.

  • For Project Web Access and WSS Content Editor webpart, please send me an email and i will put you in touch with the right folks to get an update.

    My email is omark-at-microsoft-dot-com.



  • where can i find this:

    white paper listed in the Related Resources section

    didnt find the section

    moreover, this installation is working or not?

    (related to what tracy and pjdiller wrote here)

  • The whitepaper is at the related resources section in the download site (i.e, http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa663363.aspx).  Sorry that this wasn't clear.  

    The installation should be working fine.  We've had people download it successfully.  What's the error you are getting?

    -- Bash

  • I have Windows Vista and trying installing the provided patch but i was unsuccesful. When i use Internet explorer 7 to view my email i cannot edit any text inoder to reply to mail emails. Can anyone help me?

  • Dear Ash,

    There's a critical update to Exchange/Outlook Web Access that will enable your scenario to work on Windows Vista.  Please get your email provider to look at the following article and apply the necessary changes to the email server - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/911829.

    Hope this helps.

    -- Bash

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