Developing Web Applications on Windows Vista with Visual Studio 2005

Developing Web Applications on Windows Vista with Visual Studio 2005

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Hey Web Developers -- My name is Bradley Millington and I am a Program Manager on the WebTools team.  Lately I've been looking at opportunities for future versions of Visual Studio to better integrate with Windows Vista and IIS 7.0.  In the meantime, however, you can use Visual Studio 2005 to start developing on Vista right away.  

Windows Vista RC1 is now available to the public (view the press release), and many Visual Studio 2005 web developers are eager to start building ASP.NET 2.0 applications running under Internet Information Services 7.0, which is included with the Vista operating system.  To build web apps under this environment, there are just a few steps you need to perform:


1.       First, you need to install the IIS 7.0 and ASP.NET 2.0 Windows components, since they are not automatically installed by default. Because Visual Studio 2005 uses the IIS metabase APIs to create and configure applications in IIS, you must also install a metabase compatibility component for IIS 7.0.  To do this, use the “Programs and Features” control panel in Vista, following the steps below.


To install IIS 7.0 and ASP.NET 2.0 on Windows Vista

1.       In Windows Vista, open Control Panel and then click Programs and Features.

In the right pane, click Turn Windows features on or off.
Windows Features
dialog box opens.

2.       Select the Internet Information Services check box.

3.       Double-click (or expand) Web Management Tools, double-click IIS 6 Management Compatibility, and then select the IIS 6 Metabase and IIS 6 Configuration Compatibility check box.

4.       Double-click (or expand) World Wide Web Services, double-click Application Development Features, and then select the ASP.NET check box.

Note   The related options that are necessary for Web application development will automatically be selected.

5.       Click OK to start the ASP.NET installation process.


2.      Second, you must run Visual Studio 2005 in the context of an administrator account before you can develop web applications on Windows Vista. By default, Windows runs applications in a limited-privilege user account even when you are logged on to the computer as an administrator.  To explicitly run Visual Studio as administrator, follow the steps below.

To run Visual Studio with administrative privileges in Windows Vista

1.       In Windows Vista, click Start, click All Programs, and then locate Visual Studio.

2.       Right-click Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, and then click Run as administrator.

One more note:  If you happen to use SQL Server Express for database development, you'll also need to download and install SQL Server Express SP1, which contains updates required to run on Vista.

Enjoy developing on Vista and be sure to let us know what you think of IIS 7.0!



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  • Mike --

    I am sorry you had a bad experience with Vista on your machine.  In some cases this kind of stuff is due to unavailability of drivers or possibly lower hardware specs than required to fully take advantage of Vista's capabilities.  In any case, if you have any specific problems with Visual Studio on Vista, please let us know, as our team is responsible for making sure that scenario works :-)

    --Bradley (Web Tools Team, Microsoft)

  • I run Visual Studio 2005 under XP as a limited user and have no problems creating and debugging web applications using the internal web server.  In fact, I thought that was one the big selling points of Studio 2005 was so I can FINALLY lock down the developer PCs!  Why can't developers run Studio 2005 as a limited user in Vista?  When will this be fixed?  That's a HUGE MEGA GLARING security hole.

  • Timothy --

    I just want to quickly clarify that many scenarios do in fact work when running VS under a normal user account, and that the handful of scenarios that don't work are doc'ed on the VS-on-Vista website:  

    Of course, creating/debugging web applications using the VS web server is one of those scenarios that unfortunately doesn't work right, but I assure you that we are actively working to fix that in a future release.  In the meantime, I suggest that you continue to log on to Vista with a normal user account, but right-click VS and Run As administrator when you need to do Web development.  This will ensure that only VS runs as admin when you need it, and not other processes that you invoke while logged in.

    Hope this helps.

  • 我的 Vista 在安装完以后先安装 IIS7,然后直接安装 Visual Studio 2005 Professional 。VS 安装完以后记得升级 VS 自带 SQL Server Express,直接先停用 SQL Server 的所有服务。然后下载 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Service Pack 1 直接安装,VS 和 SQL Server 的运行就没有什么大的问题了。 但是我在 VS 里面创建网站的时候遇到问题了后来 Goo

  • One item which was not outlined was that you also need to ensure that Windows Authentication is enabled under the World Wide Web Services/security node.

    Separately, I am disappointed that LUA requirements were not better accounted for in Visual Studio since this problem long precedes Vista or even VS 2005.

  • 【原文地址】Tip/Trick: Using IIS7 on Vista with VS 2005 【原文发表日期】 Tuesday, September 19, 2006 7:41 AM 上个星期,几个人都询问我怎么在Windows...

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  • Hi Bradley.

    Got a problem when i try to run AJAX on my visual studio. seems to have a probleme connecting to iis7 [Authentication error] but when i run a normal ASPNet web it works fine.

    Any better way to solve this problem?

  • Great thing was it was the first topic when I did a live search...

  • I have followed all the steps but I just get the page indicating that I need to do everything I have done.  Unfortunately like most of the things in Vista, it just does not work.

  • lsheen6212,

    If you send me an email directly at omark-at-microsoft-dot-com, I can help to find a solution to the problem you are seeing.


  • I want to use FrontPage to publish a FrontPage site to Vista.  IIS 7 looks like a nice improvement over IIS 6, but I cannot figure out where to get Frontpage server extensions or SharePoint onto Vista.  When I try to use Frontpage to copy my site (which I am planning to convert to ASP.NET), I get an error.

    Is sharepoint built into Vista, or do I have to download it?

  • The beta version of FPSE 2002 can be downloaded from the following URL:

    Additional documentation about installing and using this version of FPSE 2002 can be found at the following URL:

    It should be noted that this version of FPSE 2002 is a beta release and is therefore unsupported. Also, this version of FPSE 2002 introduces no new functionality; it is essentially the same version of FPSE 2002 that was created for Windows Server 2003 that has been updated to work on Windows Server Code Name "Longhorn" and Windows Vista. That being said, this version of FPSE 2002 will enable web hosters and developers to author their web content on servers or workstations that are running IIS 7.0 on Windows Server Code Name "Longhorn" and Windows Vista.

    Feedback about this release can be sent to

  • Bradley Millington on our team posted a while back on required configuration steps for developing web

  • Bradley Millington on our team posted a while back on required configuration steps for developing web

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