Mix07 Video: Web Development using Visual Studio "Orcas"

Mix07 Video: Web Development using Visual Studio "Orcas"

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At the Mix07 conference this week, I did an overview presentation of the web development features being delivered in Visual Studio "Orcas".  The folks at Mix have been kind enough to make videos of all the sessions from the conference available to the public.

Click here to watch my session on Web Development using Visual Studio "Orcas".

You can also check out http://sessions.visitmix.com/ to browse all the other great content presented at Mix07 this week.


-- Omar Khan
Group Program Manager
Visual Studio Web Tools

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  • Great video. It pointed out quite a few features that are going to make my life SO much easier. My only question now is where is my go-live license :)

  • Dear Stephen,

    You can use VS Orcas against your 2.0 web sites and web applications today thanks to "Multi-targeting".  As for go-live with the 3.5 framework, that is coming soon.  Exact date is still TBD.

    Hope this helps.

    -- Bash

  • Hey Guys,

    I would like to know if you are able to use the VS "Orcas" Express Edition (VB,C#) in conjunction with Silverlight to create Websites and/or WeApps.

    I know the Express Editions are limited, but to what degree?

    I have:

    ♦ Siverlight 1,0 and 1.1 Alpha

    ♦ Expression Web Designer

    ♦ Visual Studio .NET 2005

    and now also:

    ♦ Visual Studio "Orcas" Express Edition

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Currently it is a limitation that you cannot create Silverlight projects in the Express Editions.  We are looking to remove this limitation before Visual Studio "Orcas" ships.

    Hope that helps.

    -- Bash

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