Silverlight "How-to" videos

Silverlight "How-to" videos

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We recently released a set of Silverlight "How-to" videos online.  This includes Scott Guthrie's keynote demo at Mix07 which shows off how to create a Silverlight 1.1 application using the Visual Studio add-in for Silverlight.

This is also a good time to let you all know that we have had ASP.Net videos and ASP.Net AJAX videos available for a while now. 

Do send us your feedback on these videos.  We'll be adding more from time to time, so do check back.

-- Bash



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  • The "How do I" vids are great. Keep them comming. It would be cool if they could be archived or something. That way if one gets bumped off the list and I want to see it again, I could do so.

  • Looks pretty cool! Can I use Silverlight with VWD 2005 / VS 2005, or is it just for use in VWD Orcas and VS Orcas?

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