Orcas Beta2 Gotcha: No ASP.NET controls in toolbox, no ASP.NET intellisense/validation on pages

Orcas Beta2 Gotcha: No ASP.NET controls in toolbox, no ASP.NET intellisense/validation on pages

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We’ve heard a few reports of cases with VS Orcas Beta2 where ASP.NET controls do not show up on the toolbox and ASP.NET tag intellisense and validation is broken in HTML source view.  All of the cases reported so far have been with Vista.  The root cause of this is that the Orcas Beta2 version of System.Web.Dll did not get installed correctly on the machine due to interference with some of the .NET Framework Hotfixes that were on the machine earlier.


The recommended workaround is to uninstall VS Orcas Beta2, uninstall any .NET Framework 2.0 or 3.0 Hotfix that you have installed on your machine and then reinstall VS Orcas Beta2 .  All released Hotfixes of the Framework have been rolled into Orcas Beta2 so this will not regress your functionality or put your machine in a vulnerable state. 


Here are the steps for you to take in order to uninstall your .NET Framework Hotfixes.


1.       Go to Start -> "Control Panel" -> Under Programs "Uninstall a program"

2.       Click on View Installed Updates





3.       Right click on any of the following KBs that you see and select “Uninstall”.  You will see these listed as "Hotfix for Microsoft Windows (KBxxxxxx)" or "Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KBxxxxxx)".






4.       Reboot your computer before installing (or reinstalling) VS Orcas Beta2.


This should fix the issue for you.  In case it doesn't for some reason, do let us know.




-- Bash


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  • Fixed it! (at least on my machine.)

    Looks like SQL Server 2005 (fully patched/update) was conflicting with it somehow. While SQL Server 2005 is running locally on my machine, I get the missing toolbox behavior. Stopping all SQL Server services fixes the issue.

    Only problem is, I can't run SQL Server 2005 and VS 2008 at the same time! :(

  • I'll be interested if anyone has got a simple solution to the System.Web.dll versioning. I'm still on 1318, can't get it up to 1378.

    Good support by the team though, however I suspect you must be working on some other way of solving this - no contact for a week means it must be difficult... !!!

  • I has SQL Express 2005 and your solution doesn't work ;)

    Additionaly when I open a website project and show up toolbox I'll get message "Package Load Failure". This package is "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling.DslDesigner.DslDefinitionModelPackage, Microsoft.VisualStudio.Modeling.Sdk.DslDesigner". This bug was submited on VS feedback page, but they couldn't reconstruct this error so it's not solved.

  • I also did the whole uninstall and reinstall.

    At first everyhting worked fine. I did some stuff for a couple of days.

    Then this morning I started a new project and the toolbox was gone. I did the "devenv /resetsettings" but that did not help either.

  • Well, the toolbox came back this morning. I worked for about 2 hours. As I was about to run the project I noticed lots of red underscores - and the toolbox was gone again.

    The project still runs though.

  • It has been a little over a week since we released Beta 2 of VS 2008 and .NET 3.5 . So far the feedback

  • Ditto here. It's completely screwed here too. I've uninstalled all of the patches and no go.

    If it requires the sp1 of .net 2.0 and .net 3.0 that's a no go because of a massive bug in System.Data that causes all of the events for changes to the datasources to not work right thus breaking pretty much every .NET application that works with a database.

    Brutal bug.

  • i use web server 2008 june ctp,there is not asp.net controls in toolbox adn no intellisense. and no update for web server 2008

  • I have an idea:

    If someone was to post the version that is the right file, then we could just drop it into our GACs and volia, problem solved...

  • I tried do that, but I had problems with linked libraries (and a lot of exceptions). So copying a newer version of file is not the solve. We should replace all files from .NET2.0, but it is not easy.

  • Ok. so the solution is to reinstall the msu files that are in the msu directory/dotnetframework on the orcas install.

    This installs the sps for .net 2 and .net 3. This always fixes the problem.

    However! It only works in Vista as far as  Ican tell, and then you get the busted System.Data issues that will make almost all Winforms apps that do data acces not work right....

    I hope there is a CTP coming soon with this fixed...

  • When I use the Win2003 environment,it has toolbars.

    When I changed the windows server 2008 beta 3,there  is not asp.net controls in toolbox and no intellisense.

  • Any news on this? Seems like the suggested workaround didn't work due to some conflict with SQL Server. Can someone post a workaround that works?


  • 070917终于知道原因了。


    我参考了这篇文章 删除某些补丁,并卸载重装了一次VS2008BETA2,现在

  • Well, I fixed it. It wasn't exactly the way I wanted to, but a upgrade installation of Vista did the trick as it restored the DLL version to one which could be upgraded.

    In the end, it took just a small amount of time. I hope when the next version comes out, I don't have to do it again....

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