Tip/Trick: ASP.NET Mobile Development with Visual Studio 2008

Tip/Trick: ASP.NET Mobile Development with Visual Studio 2008

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If you are using Visual Studio 2008, you might have noticed that it doesn't have item templates for ASP.NET Mobile Web Forms (which were previously available in Visual Studio 2003).  

To help users with this scenario, I've created the following item templates for ASP.NET Web Site and ASP.NET Web Application projects:

  • Mobile Web Form
  • Mobile Web User Control
  • Mobile Web Configuration File

The templates are available in both VB and C# versions.

One limitation users should be aware of is the Design View in Visual Studio 2008, which is based on a completely new archtecure, does not display ASP.NET mobile controls.  However, using these templates you should be able to develop ASP.NET Mobile applicaitons using the Source View just fine.

Once installed, these templates enable users to create and edit new ASP.NET Mobile Web Forms in ASP.NET Web Site and ASP.NET Web Applicaiton project types.

To install these templates download the attachment included in this post, extract the ZIP file, and follow the instructions in the included readme.txt files.

Happy mobile development!

- Omar Khan
Group Program Manager
Visual Web Developer

Attachment: ASP.NET Mobile Templates.zip
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  • Oops, looks like mobile development support in the VS IDE will be dropped, or does it?

  • 以前 「ASP.NET モバイル Web アプリケーション再入門」 というMSDNオフラインセミナーに参加したときに講師の物江さんに質問した内容が返ってきたので共有します。

  • Amigos, essa dica é para todos aqueles que desenvolvem aplicações ASP.NET Mobile e já...

  • Ancora su Mobile ASP.Net in VS2008

  • Omar

    I think that this will make a lot of disapointed users , who trusted Microsoft. This is final ? Support for mobile controls design view will be really droped ? This is unbelivable and unaceptable if so. This is Visual Studio bringing "unproductivity"instead of the promissed productivity.

    This is a shame, where can we file our complaits about this ?

  • Omar,

    Any plans of supporting the design view for mobile controls at all? Design View really helps in fast development. I would really appreciate if you could reply.



  • This is pretty disappointing if the current trend is going to be to break compatibility for the mobile controls. Our company had been working on development of an ASP.NET mobile application using VS2005 as our primary means of development. While the design view is by no means necessary to do development the fact that these templates are still not even default in VS2008 is a little unsettling. Now with other things (such as the design view for mobile) breaking we're finding less reasons to move to VS2008 for this application.

    Is this going to be the continued trend?

  • Hi

    I want to apply CSS padding and Border to my MOBILE control in ASP.NET

    How can i do that

    Please help....

    email Id  sandesh_daddi@hotmail.com

  • Yes I would like to know what's going on! I am heavily involved in some asp.net mobile dev work, why is there no mobile templates built-in to VS2008? This is the future.. is Microsoft going to drop the ball on this?

  • Yes it would be good to know what is the road map for it. We have just started building an application. If the mobile controls are going to be phased out gradually then we would have to find another alternative for it.

  • Dear Omar Khan

    You are the right one to hear about our complaints, if dont who is the one ?

    Thanks for the Help !

  • Should we continue development with pretty good concept of adaptive rendering using asp.net mobile control?

  • No Mobile Web Forms Support in Visual Studio 2008 RTM?

  • 今天发现一个令人沮丧的事情,VisualStudio2008

  • 今天发现一个令人沮丧的事情,VisualStudio2008

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