Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition available for download

Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition available for download

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I'm glad to announce that Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition has officially shipped, and is now available for immediate download.  Here is a quick summary of some of the great new capabilities in this release: 

  • Tools to Design Web Pages 
    • Use the new Split View pane which shows both the visual designer as well as the corresponding markup
    • Build CSS enabled pages with the new Manage Styles and CSS Properties windows to easily design, preview, and apply CSS styles to your Web page
    • Build JavaScript and AJAX-enabled applications more easily with improvements to JavaScript IntelliSense and debugging and built-in support for ASP.NET AJAX
    • Download the free AJAX Control Toolkit which includes over 30 AJAX controls including rounded corners, drop shadows, animation, ratings, slide shows, ratings, and more
  • Easily Build Data-Driven Web sites
    • Build applications using LINQ (Language Integrated Query) which adds data querying capabilities for SQL Server, XML, and objects to Visual Basic and Visual C#
    • Use new data controls like the List View control and the LINQ Data Source control to build dynamic Web pages
  • Easily Publish and Share
    • Download Popfly Explorer to publish HTML, CSS, and JavaScript pages directly to your free Popfly site
    • Use the built-in Copy Web Site tools to publish both ASP.NET pages and SQL Server databases to any hoster that supports FTP or FrontPage Server Extensions

We hope you enjoy the new product!

-Visual Web Developer Team

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  • VS2008, .NET 3.5, and 2008 Express versions released today

  • Anyone have any idea when the ReportViewer component will become available for Express 2008 (if it's not already)?

  • Congratulations, well done!

  • Good job

  • Visual Studio 2008을 위하여 수십개의 팀에서 쏟아져나온 수백가지의 새로운 기능들을 일목요연하게 정리한다는 것은 쉽지 않은 일일 것입니다. 그래서 각각이 정리한 새 기능들

  • すっかり失念していました。 ono さんに聞いてみた所 ベータ2 段階でマルチターゲッティング機能は無かったとの事なので、VWD 2008 製品版では .NET 3.5 のみの開発となるようです。 Your

  • Visual Studio 2008을 위하여 수십개의 팀에서 쏟아져나온 수백가지의 새로운 기능들을 일목요연하게 정리한다는 것은 쉽지 않은 일일 것입니다. 그래서 각각이 정리한 새 기능들

  • Great job, I just wondering how to use MVC in the VWD 2008, I can't find in the web site options

  • Leo en

  • Get it while its fresh and free! Find the details and links to downloads here

  • Hi Cameron,

    The MVC framework has not shipped officially yet.  When it does ship, it will add templates to the VWD product.

    I recommend reading ScottGu's blog - for the latest news on the MVC framework front.

    --Omar (Visual Web Developer Team)

  • Any update on Web Deployment Projects for VS2008?

  • Is there any update on Web Deployment Projects for VS2008?

  • I'm just wondering if the work-around for multi-targeting support in vs2008 RTM is still required?

    In the workaround post, it stated that the workaround would *not* be required for the final RTM edition, however when using the new non-beta version of VWD 2008 Express I still can't get an ajax 1.0 site up and running.

    This is pretty important to me as the .net hosting I have only supports .net 2.0, and the hosts have said they have no plans to implement 3.5

    Is the workaround still required? I'd prefer to get ajax 1.0 support up and running without the workaround, if that is possible with the new release?

  • Hi,

    Nice to hear it. Will this includes built in development support for Silverlight ?

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