Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition available for download

Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition available for download

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I'm glad to announce that Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition has officially shipped, and is now available for immediate download.  Here is a quick summary of some of the great new capabilities in this release: 

  • Tools to Design Web Pages 
    • Use the new Split View pane which shows both the visual designer as well as the corresponding markup
    • Build CSS enabled pages with the new Manage Styles and CSS Properties windows to easily design, preview, and apply CSS styles to your Web page
    • Build JavaScript and AJAX-enabled applications more easily with improvements to JavaScript IntelliSense and debugging and built-in support for ASP.NET AJAX
    • Download the free AJAX Control Toolkit which includes over 30 AJAX controls including rounded corners, drop shadows, animation, ratings, slide shows, ratings, and more
  • Easily Build Data-Driven Web sites
    • Build applications using LINQ (Language Integrated Query) which adds data querying capabilities for SQL Server, XML, and objects to Visual Basic and Visual C#
    • Use new data controls like the List View control and the LINQ Data Source control to build dynamic Web pages
  • Easily Publish and Share
    • Download Popfly Explorer to publish HTML, CSS, and JavaScript pages directly to your free Popfly site
    • Use the built-in Copy Web Site tools to publish both ASP.NET pages and SQL Server databases to any hoster that supports FTP or FrontPage Server Extensions

We hope you enjoy the new product!

-Visual Web Developer Team

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  • Hi Richard,

    We plan to ship an updated Web Deployment projects add-on that works with VS2008 in the coming weeks.  Web deployment does not integrate with VWD however.


  • Hi Navaneeth,

    Silverlight support is not included in VWD2008.  We are looking at enabling it in the future.  In the meantime you can use the VS 2008 Silverlight Tools Add-on for Beta2.  We will be shipping an updated add-on for VS 2008 in the coming weeks.


  • can anyone tell me what are the advantages of vs2008 over its express editions.?

  • I've installed all the pre-req's (VWD 2008 Express, .net 3.5 Framework, Entity Framework 1.0 and the ASP .net extensions) however when creating a new website I don't seem to get the "ASP.NET MVC Web Application" (as mentioned in Scott Gu's blog: template to in the new web site dialog box? Is there anything else that I need to do? Thanks

  • Are there any plans to include components for integration with the ebay api? I think I've seen something for Facebook, I wondered if there was something similar for ebay.

  • I have C# 2008 Express Edition installed on my PC.

    While creating new a project I am not getting the following templates.

    1. Web Application

    2. ASP.NET MVC Web Application

    Can anyone help me to get the above templates

  • Hi all I have avery simple question does VWD 2008 Express edition support .NET framework 2.0?

  • Hello Keshav,

    Yes VWD 2008 does support building an application that runs on .NET Framework 2.0.


  • how can i add silverlight support for Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition??

    i need Silverlight Tools Alpha for Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition

    because the (Silverlight Tools Alpha for Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2) doesnt work with the express edition ...

    please reply as soon as possible

    Thanks for help....

  • VWD 2008 is not complete with some very basic functions. Gone is CSS Positioning options. Things such as labels and checkboxes cannot be dropped from the toolbox absolutely.

    In addition, you cannot select multiple controls on a webpage! What!?! It has the nifty Layout toolbar, but if someone cannot select multiple controls, what's the point!?!

    These were things that were covered in 2005, but not 2008.

    VWD 2005 > VWD 2008

    Very disappointing.

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