JScript IntelliSense: Working with jQuery

JScript IntelliSense: Working with jQuery

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We have good news for jQuery fans.  The hotfix we released today fixes a bug in IntelliSense where it would fail with jQuery.  Any page with jQuery should just work now.  While experimenting with this new-found functionality today, I found annotating the library with a few XML Doc Comments really made a big difference.  The key is to add a return type of "jQuery" like this:

doc comments

Here's some jQuery chaining with IntelliSense:

completion list


There were only a few functions that (due to the way they were declared) were not able to be annotated.  Special thanks to Brennan where I borrowed the comments from.  If anyone will be making a fully annotated version of jQuery, I'd be happy to post a link to it from here.

Jeff King
Program Manager
Visual Studio Web Tools

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  • "I found annotating the library with a few XML Doc Comments..."

    That is actually _not_ a positive selling point! Who's gonna write comments for a javascript framework that they use in order to get some intellisense?

  • You've been kicked (a good thing) - Trackback from DotNetKicks.com

  • How about a fix for prototype.js too?

  • Great stuff! Love to see IntelliSense improving like this!

  • Hi Johan: We're working on prototype.js.  Please stay tuned!  Thanks!

  • @Mike : What's the disadvantage of having the OPTION to do this? For some development teams it might make sense to have a dev version of the library with comments for intellisense support. You could always change refs to packed or gzipped version for deployment.

  • Geez.  What the heck is 'jscript'?  Would you people get over yourselves please?  It's *JAVASCRIPT*.  That's what we are using on the front-lines.  NOT JSCRIPT, whatever the heck that is.

    It's just another example of why we programmers are so frustrated w/Microsoft.  Frankly, if it wasn't for Scott Guthrie and his MVC.NET, many of us would start jumping to a platform w/a better IDE (2005 stinks the big one), and better support (ie, COMPATIBILITY and the realization that the net is NOT a Microsoft world and never will be).  Too much innovation happens outside of your very high fences, folks.

    So get with the program, please and start acknowledging INDUSTRY STANDARDS!  

  • The hotfix mentioned in a previous post of mine among the things that it fixed, was an intellisense problem

  • Hi Alan: Believe it or not, I would rather use the common term "JavaScript" also.  However, it's technically a Sun trademark (see http://www.sun.com/suntrademarks/index.jsp) and--as an employee of another large software company--I just try to be careful.  This leaves me only "ECMAScript" or "JScript" to use.  While "ECMAScript" is actually the standard, I felt "JScript" would click for more people.  Coincidentally, "JScript" is actually the implementation used in IE and in VS, so there is some technical correctness there also.

    I'm sorry to hear that VS2005 isn't working out for you.  We try to do our best, so if there's something specific you also don't like in VS2008, I'd like to know.  Thanks!

  • Great job, I am glad to see intellisense support working for JQuery.  Good job!

    Javascript, JScript, Script, oh my!

  • Okay, not exactly on topic, but I've always found Visual Studio to be the best IDE I've ever used. Visual Studio is a large part of why I got hooked on  Microsoft technology. It has its quirks but they have never prevented me from accomplishing my job.

    As far as I'm concerned, keep up the great work!

  • There seems to be allot of interest with ASP.NET Developers doing DOM manipulation with JQuery there

  • There seems to be allot of interest with ASP.NET Developers doing DOM manipulation with JQuery there

  • You mentionned working on prototype... is ExtJS also in the pipeline? The company I work for is considering it, but we don't really want to use something that won't play well with javascript intellisense...

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