Faster switch to design view in VS 2008 SP1 RTM

Faster switch to design view in VS 2008 SP1 RTM

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Some customers discovered that sometimes switch to Design view was very slow. We analyzed submitted reports and tracked the issue down to a code that was discovering available AJAX Extenders and which contols they were applicable to. In order to avoid unnecessary delays we moved discovery of AJAX extenders to a background thread. This made switch to Design view significantly faster since designer is now available immediately while extenders are still being enumerated. Here is a screenshot, look at the status bar that shows "Discovering AJAX extender controls..." and displays a small progress indicator:

If you select a control before applicable extenders are discovered, the control will not display its smart task menu and/or will not have "Add Extender..." menu item. 

Unfortunately, if control is selected, due to architectural limitations we cannot update its smart task availability. Therefore you may have to unselect and reselect the control in order to let it update its smart task menu.

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  • Hi,

    I was unable to get the debugger to register anything for the devenv.exe process or the setup.exe process. Unfortunately time was of the issue and after a couple of attempts at getting VS2008 to allow the design component to work (including a complete re- install of service pack3 and re-install of VS2008+SP1) I figured it was probably my machine as I had a couple of other separate software issues that were hanging around. After a complete re-install of XP, it's now running nicely.

    The only problem that I had on installing after the rebuild was on inserting the VS 2008 DVD it kept crashing svchost.exe at 50%. I found that this was caused by the Sonic Record now package DLACTRLW.exe which needs to be removed from HKLM\software\microsoft\windows\current version\run


  • Hi I just downloaded SP 1 for VS 2008. I am on Win Server 2003 SE, Office 2003, SQL 2005.

    I also have VS 2003 - since all our applications are on Framework 1.1

    Design view just doesn't work - it hangs indefinitely. I tried most of the fixes suggested:

    1) Uninstalled and reinstalled Web Authoring component

    2) Included the path for VWD before Office 11 in PATH under environment variables

    3) Uninstalled and reinstalled VS 2008

    Nothing works .. we're back to using VS 2003 and a wasted VS 2008 buy :(

  • Ananth,

    Sorry to hear that you are unable to use VS 2008 Sp1. We would like to investigate the issue you are having, and hopefully resolve it for you.

    Can you obtain a debug dump from the frozen VS, zip it and send email to balach-at-microsoft-dot-com? For details on how to get the debug dump, please see this post


  • Over the last few months we've collected information on various issues related to design view not working

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