Dev 10 Performance Improvements Planning

Dev 10 Performance Improvements Planning

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Web Development Tools team is planning to spend cycles in Dev10 to improve the performance of Web Development scenarios. In that effort, we have identified the following areas where we should maintain parity with VS 2008 SP1/ improve for Dev 10. We came up with the list based on our team’s tests/ regular usage/ customer feedback/ forum posts.

We would like to hear from you about these following scenarios. Are you finding any of these scenarios to be particularly sluggish? Are there other scenarios that should be included in the list? What are your performance concerns? Please take a moment to send your responses via this blog or directly to vwdperf-at-microsoft-dot-com. Thank you!

·         Property Grid updates of controls in Designer

·         Website rebuild

·         First open of WAP

·         Reopen of WAP

·         First open a website

·         Reopen of a website

·         First open of a large solution with multiple WAPs

·         Reopen of a large solution with multiple WAPs

·         Intellisense in nuggets

·         Build WAP

·         Edit WAP and do incremental build

·         Full rebuild of WAP

·         Incremental build on website

·         Format HTML

·         Format CSS

·         Format JScript

·         Undo format HTML

·         Undo format CSS

·         Undo format JScript

·         First switch to DV

·         First drop of control onto designer

·         Second switch to DV

·         Typing text in nested HTML containers in DV

·         Typing text in table

·         Updates from SV to DV

·         Intellisense schema generation

·         Validation of markup

·         Add new webform

·         Open existing webform

·         First view in browser

·         Second view in browser

·         Shutting down IDE


Ranjini | Web Developement Tools Team

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  • Probably out of the control of your team. Compiling my WAP project is quick, but opening the browser and visiting the site after a compile is super slow. I don't remember ASP.NET 1.1 being this slow.

    I've got a pretty fast machine (Intel Core 2 Duo) and after a compile, it take up to 1 minute before I see a rendered page.

    Just my 2 cents.


  • I think the following ones are sluggish that I noticed

    Property Grid updates of controls in Designer.

    First and reopen of a web site.

    Source view to design view.

    Also the publish of a web site is really slow. I am surprised tht it is not shown in the list.


  • Simple -> BUILDS ARE TOO SLOW. especially now that we have multi-core cpus!


    Build Website

    Full Rebuild of a website


    First open of 'Test View' window

    Constant refreshing of 'Test View' window, especially when a build is fired.

    and finally

    connecting to tfs (using the tfs explorer) is dogggggg slow :( .. especially if over the net. eg. trying connecting to codeplex via tfs explorer. painful :( (and yes, my broadband is mega-fast).

  • First switch to DV

    Second switch to DV

  • Hi all,

    I suggest that the improvements target the following aspects:

    Better Multiprocessing

    Better Load balancing

    More Responsiveness

    Efficient Builds

    Better Memory management

    Loading essentials and taking into consideration the average PC specification

    Fewer bugs

    Thank you

  • Since phrases like "slow" and "sluggish" are relative terms, what time frame are we considering here?

    I have a lame computer here at work (re-purposed many times now... it's sad), but I feel that most of these move as fast as I would expect (not a full minute like others are experiencing)

  • Design view in general is currently too slow to be useful. As someone used to working with Dreamweaver, I guess I've been spoiled an my expectations are higher than what the same feature in VS delivers.

    Opening design view, which was already mentioned, is so time consuming it makes me avoid using the feature altogether. When I do have it open and click on a control like a button, the source view is extremely sluggish to jump to and highlight that control's code. This can become really frustrating, so improvements across the board for this view would be welcomed.

  • Adding or viewing references to a project or website has always been slow the first time. I assume it caches the list since the second time it is much faster.

  • - Property Grid updates of controls in Designer

    - First view in browser

    - First switch to DV and DV in general, i try to avoid DV as much as possible because of this, which might actually be a good thing in the long run :P

  • My two pet peeves are:

    Dockable solution explorer and property grid performance deteriorate over time, to the point that I either have to restart VS or stop using either of them entirely.

    Design view is very slow. +1

  • Building large websites is very slow and when I lose patience and Alt-Tab to read something online, it slows down even further and could even be 3x as slow.  I gather Visual Studio lowers itself in priority.  I would love to at the least be able to tell Visual Studio to not lower its priority if it's not the foreground app.

  • The number one productivity killer is the design view:

    First switch to DV +1

    Second switch to DV +1

    Any chance that the source view could also display the events in the properties tool instead of just design view? This would then reduce the switching to design view.

    I also find on a large solution by the end of the day that memory requirements are about 2 to 3 fold of what the initial project footprint was.

  • I have noticed (and agree with), most everything in the list. The most painful for me are those around DV, which also impacts initial project load time when previous design items were open when the project was last open.

    Another thing I noticed is that "Add Reference" also takes a very long time to load the first time it is used as well.

  • Having multiple webapp in a solution, hit debug and they all spin up there own server instance when I only want to debug the site I am currently working in. Memory management is also a big peeve of mine.

  • I am sure there is a problem in these areas:

    #First switch to DV

    #First drop of control onto designer

    #Second switch to DV

    # First open of WAP

    The most killing one is this

    # Property Grid updates of controls in Designer

    It has s very annoying and confusing effete

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