Dev 10 Performance Improvements Planning

Dev 10 Performance Improvements Planning

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Web Development Tools team is planning to spend cycles in Dev10 to improve the performance of Web Development scenarios. In that effort, we have identified the following areas where we should maintain parity with VS 2008 SP1/ improve for Dev 10. We came up with the list based on our team’s tests/ regular usage/ customer feedback/ forum posts.

We would like to hear from you about these following scenarios. Are you finding any of these scenarios to be particularly sluggish? Are there other scenarios that should be included in the list? What are your performance concerns? Please take a moment to send your responses via this blog or directly to vwdperf-at-microsoft-dot-com. Thank you!

·         Property Grid updates of controls in Designer

·         Website rebuild

·         First open of WAP

·         Reopen of WAP

·         First open a website

·         Reopen of a website

·         First open of a large solution with multiple WAPs

·         Reopen of a large solution with multiple WAPs

·         Intellisense in nuggets

·         Build WAP

·         Edit WAP and do incremental build

·         Full rebuild of WAP

·         Incremental build on website

·         Format HTML

·         Format CSS

·         Format JScript

·         Undo format HTML

·         Undo format CSS

·         Undo format JScript

·         First switch to DV

·         First drop of control onto designer

·         Second switch to DV

·         Typing text in nested HTML containers in DV

·         Typing text in table

·         Updates from SV to DV

·         Intellisense schema generation

·         Validation of markup

·         Add new webform

·         Open existing webform

·         First view in browser

·         Second view in browser

·         Shutting down IDE


Ranjini | Web Developement Tools Team

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  • Let first say that I appreciate the great free tool!

    Design View opens very slowly, as others have noted.

    Also, the contextual help is terribly slow--I could read the entire bible in the time it takes to open.

  • - switching to DV

    - First launch of wap

    - debugging in ie

    - adding a reference

  • closing tabs inside the ide with 3rd mousebutton aka mouse wheel is way too slow - while odd yet it is ctrl + f4 is faster compared to the 3rd mouse button/wheel.

    but still when nothing has been changed it is too slow in both cases

  • #First switch to DV

    #Second switch to DV

    # Property Grid updates of controls in Designer

    # Add reference

    I know its because the DV has to compile the page before it shows but I have changed my dev style to avoid it just because its not worth the pause.

    Its funny how easily little pauses can make you lose your concentration of you have a lot of things going on.

  • I think if you managed to optimize VS to get the most out of multi-core CPUs, this will significantly decrease the time the it takes for build/rebuild.

    I have noticed that my 2 cores are not fully utilized, and my friend who is working with quad said both the 3rd and 4th cores were not loaded at all comparing to the first 2 cores.

    also try to speed up the opening / shutting down the IDE especially when dealing with large projects


  • First of all, I've given up on the designer a long time ago. The only time I switch to design view is when I want to fire up an event handler for a control and I don't feel like looking up the event signature. If I know the signature it's actually faster for me to type it all in the ASPX/CS than switch to design view,  wait a few seconds, search the control on the page, wait for the property list to finally realize that I've actually clicked the control, sometimes click on something else and click back since it forgot. There are times when the designer just can't render the page -- even though the page is perfectly fine at runtime -- and in these cases I have to work around these problems as well (usually temporarily move the control somewhere else on the page). If I could do all this without ever switching to DV I'd be a happy camper. I saw ScottGu doing a demo of creating an event stub in cs from XAML -- I'd love something like this for ASP.NET. I've been asking for this since VS2003 :(

    Second, since I type most of the ASPX/ASCX in code I probably notice problems that other don't. My biggest problem is that the current editor is blocking for certain actions. I see this a lot when using <%# %>, <%= %>, <%@ %> blocks, or when typing out a repeater and the IDE blocks me for about 5s to think about "something". This is by far the most annoying aspect of the editor. I've turned off everything that can be turned off, I have a very powerful computer, I've asked this question multiple times in the ASP.NET forums and it's been confirmed that it's an IDE limitation -- i.e. by design. Having Intellisense in blocks that are part of HTML tags would be nice as well.

    In conclusion, any changes in compile time or post-compile time are more than welcomed, but for me it's far more important that the IDE does NOT stop the flow. There's nothing more annoying when I get into the mood typing away fast and the IDE just decides to think about something and I can't type or do anything else until it finishes. It's a major productivity killer.

    Thank you.

  • how about compatability with sequel

    have spent last week or so up all night trying to get working stand alone vwd + sql

    started off with 2005 installs that seemed to not work with the compact sequel

    went through all sorts of installs including updates and uninstalls and finally turned on iis and started uninstalling and reinstalling the visual studio packages from disk as suggested - although didn't really want it all and still no joy

    uninstall and reinstall again and this time used the web link - hours and hours and finally all working and added database and created a table and closed down all happy - then onto next lesson and wouldnt you know design view will not show and vwd freezing won't close without task manager

    hair pulling time - tried a repair - dare i go through all of this all over again????

    knee trembling stuff - do i have a life

  • also links often broken to help files

  • meanwhile automatic updates chucking updates when i dont really want them but everything goes in a huff if you don't accept - sigh

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